Fees are charged according to the NSW school term and may be purchased in groups of ten at $37.50 per half hour private lesson all inclusive. Semi-private lessons (two per lesson) are also available at a cost of $20 per person per half hour lesson but are dependent on finding another pupil of the same level wanting to share. Students who enroll during the term are invoiced for the remainder of the term in which they commence. The school is open on public holidays and all lessons take place. Should you not be able to attend on a public holiday lesson day, your lesson will be re-scheduled to another time during the same term. Invoices for tuition are issued prior to the commencement of the term and payment is due on the day of your first lesson.


Epping Music Studio offers a 5% discount for enrolment in a second hour of tuition.


Before tuition can begin you must complete an enrolment form which can be downloaded from the downloads' page.   


Payments can be made by cash or direct deposit.


Missed Lessons


All fees are charged on a per term basis and no refunds will be given for missed lessons. Fees are to be paid for the days you are enrolled for tuition, including periods of non-attendance such as illness and school excursions. Please consider your account as a booking fee, not an attendance fee. In the event of illness, we require twenty-four hours notice if you would like to have your lesson re-scheduled, and for a planned event such as a school excursion we require one weeks notice. Please note that teachers are not obliged to make up lessons cancelled by the student. If you cancel at the last minute or forget to attend your lesson, the lesson is lost. All re-scheduled lessons must be made up before the beginning of the new term and it is the responsibilty of the student to organize this. In the event that your teacher is absent, a make-up lesson will be organized for you.


Cancellation of Tuition


If you wish to cancel tuition, you must notify the school four weeks prior to ceasing tuition. Please note that you will be responsible for paying for those four weeks of tuition in which you/your child is enrolled. Non-attendance does not indicate formal cancellation of enrolment.


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